LLC «Masshtabnye resheniya»

Directions of activity and technologies

Our company specializes in full cycle development of complex multi-level software: from analyzing customer’s requirements to end-product supporting. Our directions of activities are:

  • home market
  • outsourcing

Our main activities and technologies:

Mobile application development including

-  Android apps (Java, Google Android Studio)

-  Cross-platform apps (Xamarin Studio (Android, iOS, Windows))

-  Hybrid mobile apps (Cordova).

-  Integration of cryptographic information protection functionality from crypto providers:

  • Аlladin CSP, compatible equipment – wireless smart card reader model bR301; container PKCS #11;
  • SKZI Rutoken EDS (Electronic Digital Sign), compatible equipment – Rutoken EDS Bluetooth; container PKCS #11;
  • CriptoPro CSP, compatible equipment – Rutoken EDS Bluetooth; container CriptoPro CSP. 

- Integration of EDS functionality that uses special SIM-cards (SIMiD) from mobile operators “Velcom” and “MTS” with help of the certificate manager AVEST.

 Web application development including

-  Single-Page Applications on ASP.NET MVC Framework, AngularJS, Knockout, WebAPI, Entity Framework, Node.js,

-  Classical Round-Trip applications and common technologies.

 Design and mockups

- Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Axure

- Mobile apps UI/UX development for Android, iOS and Windows

- Web apps UI/UX development

SharePoint development

-  SharePoint web part development,

-  Add-ons for SharePoint,

-  custom master pages, setting up SharePoint intranet and public facing sites

We are glad to be useful to our customers in software development.