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Our company strives to keep up with the modern design and methods of its creation. Close cooperation with business analysts, customers and developers allows us to

  • create competent and attractive UX/UI design for websites, interfaces, mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms;
  • carry out redesign and restart of the outdated software products
  • modernize and improve communicative processes in low-performance and non-optimized systems;
  • analyze and design business solutions of high-performance.

Visually attractive and convenient user interface – it’s a key indicator of any commercial software. In combination with a competent structure and logical navigation, it attracts users, improves functionality, increases the trust to the brand and in general to the business. Any design of interfaces is developed for to interact with the user. Therefore we identify users’ demands and scenarios, obligatorily take into account the environment when working with the system to design a correct, working interface.

We always strive to preserve the balance between beauty and convenience. For this we apply UCD (user centered design) basic principles combining it with the modern styles of elements decoration. Taking into account vast variety of devices’ screen sizes we study and implement new methods and tools, that helps us in creating more responsive and flexible design layouts for various devices that facilitate the implementation of successful business solutions. When the interface means working with different device types, one can prepare the layout for each of them separately, depending on its screen size and format. This work results in a set of design layouts that perfectly structured and ready for further technical implementation. Complete process of interface designing includes some sequential stages and looks like:

During last two years we managed working with various interesting customers:

  • participated in the tender for development of a mobile application of the pilot version of the manual “A Practical Approach to the Protection of the Lung Health” by request of the WHO Regional Office in Belarus for its using by primary care physicians;
  • had been developing the design for the special version of document management in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, created modern design layout for processes control system in the company EOS;
  • in the outsourcing framework together with the Austrian company CS & IE DATA CONSULTING participated in the project of interface redesigning for automation of rail and public transport on request by SIEMENS;

Last projects:

17_Design_3 18_Design_4 19_Design_5 20_Design_6


Besides designing interfaces and visualizing design, our company offers services of dynamic prototyping of interfaces of various types and complexity. It allows us bringing the design processes to the most modern level and provide our customers with the most flexible and comprehensive approach to creating a product.

We are ready to provide you with the prototypes differentiating in the degree of detail:

  • Wireframe – it is a low level prototype with the minimal level of detail. It’s needed to visualize customers’ abstract wishes and talk to them on concrete examples. Due to its rapid implementation, wireframe allows easily recognizing of the interface shortcomings and hereby promptly making important changes into the navigation scheme and initial structure without being distracted by the nuances in the design.
  • Prototype – it is a prototype with the average level of detail. Its most important pages are drawn and there is already a minimal level of interactivity in it. There could be inserted images in it, as well as color/tonal gradations, accents, etc. The prototype usually serves to testing and drawing a detailed specification.
  • Simulation or Mockup – it is a maximally detailed prototype, as a rule, made in full size and looks like a working exemplar. This allows rendering pages very close to the final form. Mockup could contain drop-down lists, navigation between screens, popup, buttons that changing their appearance when hovering etc.

Prototyping  – is an important modern stage of the interface design development. The customer can immediately see how the future product will look like, judge its convenience and test its interface. As a result, the customer receives a prototype of the desired degree of detail, where any wishes can be taken into account, depending on customer’s purposes. The prototype also helps in assessing development costs and improving team’s interaction.

Last prototypes:

21_Design_7 22_Design_8