LLC «Masshtabnye resheniya»

EDS – Electronic digital sign

Our specialists performed a serious work incorporating in mobile application “EOSmobile” (Android) EDS functionality provided:

– by Belarusian crypto provider AVEST that uses

NFC technology,

– by Russian crypto providers

  • Аlladin CSP, compatible equipment – wireless smart card reader model bR301; container PKCS #11;
  • SKZI Rutoken EDS, compatible equipment – Rutoken EDS Bluetooth; container PKCS #11;
  • CriptoPro CSP, compatible equipment – Rutoken EDS Bluetooth; container CriptoPro CSP

that use Bluetooth technology.

We added in our application “MRMobile” the possibility to sign documents with EDS using special SIM-cards from mobile operators “Velcom” and “MTS” with help of the certificate manager AVEST.

Also, we are going to tune up EDS functionality in our own EDMS «TITUL» in accordance with the changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.