LLC «Masshtabnye resheniya»

Mobile Development

Our “mobile-oriented” team took part in development of “EOSmobile” – Android version of “ARM Rukovoditelya” for EDMS “DELO” , one can view and download it from

They used such technologies as:

Java, OrmLite, Soap, Notification, Services, Pdf rendering, Gradle, Proguard, CustomView, Crypto function, Multithreading.

Our own mobile application “MRmobile” had been launched on Belarusian market. It has the built-in functionality of EDS generation using special SIM-cards from mobile operators “Velcom” and “MTS” with help of the Certificate manager from AVEST.

“MRMobile” exchanges information with the EDMS database through the Mobile Solutions Server (SMR), not directly. Such scheme opens up for user many additional possibilities among which are the next ones:

  • Ability of simultaneous work of different users from several mobile devices with one document, regardless of the device operational platform;
  • Ability of off-line work with the documents, the connection is only necessary for synchronization with SMR, the last one monitors document versions and resolves versions conflicts;
  • Converting files in .pdf format when sending them to mobile device.

“MRМobile” is in demand mostly by the users occupying senior positions. Therefore, for the first versions of application their most typical scenarios of interaction with the system were chosen. Specially for Belarusian market, the functionality of the EDS (electronic digital signature) had been expanded. We added the possibility to sign documents using special SIM cards (SIMiD) from mobile operators “Velcom” and “MTS”.

7_mrmobile_screen_1 8_mrmobile_screen_2

Our solutions and applications have positive reviews among our customers.  They were met with a great interest on the part of officials of state bodies and was presented at the International Specialized Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies “TIBO-2017“.