LLC «Masshtabnye resheniya»

Our products

All our solutions were integrated with electronic document management system (EDMS) “DELO”. It sells in Russia by “EOS” and in Belarus by the company “Electronnoe Delo”. The largest users are: Council of Federation, The State of Duma and the Central Bank in the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Border Committee in the Republic of Belarus. Totally, there are more than 1000 000 sold licenses.



We are going to release our own electronic document management system “TITUL” that based on the desktop version of “DELO” and the web version of “DELO-Web”. It will be sold on the territory of the Republic of Belarus by our partner company “Electronnoe Delo”.

EDMS “TITUL” customers will have a full access to all data and system functions for to entirely participate in electronic document management both locally and through the Internet\Intranet.
Universal web-access to all the corporate documents and the possibility of effective remote work with them allow the “TITUL” system to become a reliable basis for the formation of a common information space in organizations of any scale and level.
EDMS “TITUL” possibilities:

  • registering documents;
  • attaching files to documents;
  • imposing Electronic Digital Signature and verifying it on files attached to documents;
  • making resolutions on documents and control their execution;
  • making reports on the executed resolutions;
  • performing search of documents and resolutions;
  • delineating the access rights to the EDMS functions;

and much more.


With the assistance of our partner, company “Electronnoe Delo”, mobile application “MRmobile” has been successfully launched on Belarusian market. “MRmobile” is a mobile Android version of “ARM Rukovoditelya” for EDMS “DELO” with integrated functionality of EDS generation using special SIM-cards from mobile operators “Velcom” and “MTS”.

“MRmobile” is oriented to users occupying senior positions. Therefore we have embodied typical scenarios of their working within the system:

  • Consideration of documents;
  • Execution of resolutions received from higher-level managers;
  • Alignment of the draft documents;
  • Signing of the draft documents;
  • Creation of new (initiative) resolutions,

As well as additional functionality:

  • Adding files from other applications and device memory;
  • Convenient transition between documents, comments and own decisions formalization;
  • Ability to display both the document file and its requisites in one screen;
  • Storage of documents processed;
  • Search and flexible system for grouping documents;
  • Main operations synchronization (approval of the resolution, draft document alignment and signing) with the EDMS / ECM system;
    Automatic conversion of doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx files to .PDF format when transferring to a mobile application;
    Annotations: textual, graphic, audio.

SMDO Integration module:

Together with the company “Electronnoe delo”, we developed a module connecting the EDMS “DELO” with the system of interdepartmental workflow of the Republic of Belarus – SMDO. We are going to integrate this module with our own EDMS “TITUL”.

The integration module is an independent application that allows converting a document package into the required format and sending it to organization-subscriber of SMDO. Both documents sending and their receiving are organized. Also, electronic digital signature (EDS) of documents is supported.
Today in Belarus this module is in use by more than 400 organizations-subscribers of SMDO.

Our company has a great experience in full cycle developing of applications (from scratch to support). We also take a part in both outsourcing projects and in the, for example, such a big project as “SharePoint based ECM system”.